David Yee,


David has consistently transcended the limits set before him. His technical abilities developed in school as he began to eclipse his peers in Math and Science, often becoming top of his class. As an elective, David excelled for 3 years in Drafting where he won achievement awards in AutoCAD. The motivation to procure multiple Rutherford Scholarships ensured his graduation from high school with honors.

Following in his father’s footsteps, he enrolled in Engineering at the University of Alberta in 1993 and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Through David’s networking ability, he entered the workforce in 1998 with Wasnea Mah Engineering. David’s fastidious nature and methodical approach to his designs cemented his reputation and value in the industry. These characteristics became an integral foundation for the incorporation of Teradi Consulting Limited in 2007. Combining David’s precise technical abilities and Garet’s design expertise, they continue to refine the craft of principal based engineering.

Get to knowDavid - Q & A

  • 1.What’s your family like?

    I am fortunate to have a very close-knit and loving family. Whether it is extended or immediate family, we all value the relationships that we have. My wife and daughter are a paramount focus in my life. Did I mention my puppy dog Gunther? He is my best friend and my office shadow.

  • 2.What are your hobbies?

    I like running the most; to-date I have run five half-marathons and countless shorter distances. Cycling is growing on the list, but I really enjoy the outdoors especially when I can camp or travel with my family. When the weather is not so favorable, movies become our alternative.

  • 3.What’s the most adventurous item on your bucket list?

    Storm chasing has always fascinated me. One day, I will take part in a chase!

  • 4.What’s your morning routine?

    Hit snooze two times, shower, get dressed, wake my daughter, make breakfast, wake my daughter a second time, drive her to school, get to work and enjoy a morning cup of coffee in silence.

  • 5.What inspires you?

    People who don’t believe in the words “I can’t.”

  • 6.If you could have one super power, what would it be?

    The power to see into the past. It’s an inside joke between me and my wife. Honestly though I love my life the way it is, so I think the only super power that could help me out is Magneto’s power – the power to physically move metal objects (a.k.a. slow moving vehicles) out of my way when I’m driving.

  • 7.Who is your role model?

    My dad – I followed in his footsteps and became an engineer. He is calm (usually), patient, caring, a hard worker, and would do anything for his family.

  • 8.Describe your life in one word.

    Dolce, which is Italian for “sweet.”