About Us

Welcome to Teradi, a skilled consultancy and engineering firm that gives you the technical excellence, functional insight and creative vision you need to make your building work well.

About Teradi

Teradi was founded in 2007 to offer a new vision for electrical engineering consultation in Edmonton. Our goal is to remove formalities so we can focus instead on innovative, appropriate design that fits our client’s individual goals and vision.

At Teradi we offer advice and design services to create the most modern, up-to-date plans in the always-evolving world of electrical engineering. Thanks to our staff’s combination of formal education and practical experience, Teradi is familiar with both time-tested and emerging possibilities for lighting and electrical design. We are here to listen to you and design electrical systems that support a functional, efficient and beautiful space.

Meet our Principals

David Yee,


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Garet Hess,


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