Powerful Vision, Efficient Design.


We stay current with industry trends, but never buy into hype without careful research and consideration. We take pride in our ability to provide simple solutions with leading-edge electrical design.

For any project to work well, it needs effective communication. We pay attention to each client’s needs, providing customized electrical design, every time. We promise you will never get a cookie-cutter form design, but can expect refreshing, thoughtful design that makes the best use of space and resources.

We also stay engaged with the project from conception right through to execution. We’re there, on-site, ready to make sure the project outcome is true to your vision, timeline and budget.

We have experience in fields ranging from high-density residential, to large-scale commercial and also light industrial. We work hard to ensure your project stays on budget and on deadline without sacrificing the custom design or integrity we’re known for.

We have the capacity and experience to manage large-scale projects, while offering the relationship-building and accountability of a small, specialized practice. We are dedicated to bringing together bright solutions and powerful designs.

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