Garet Hess,


From a young age, Garet developed a talent for drawing and an aptitude for design through his love of aviation. Combining his creative skills with a construction background allowed him to kick-start his career early in engineering. Starting at the Alberta School of Drafting in 1995, he soon learned that he easily grasped some of the most difficult aspects of applied geometry and 3D spatial analysis. This only propelled him to move further to obtain an Honors Diploma in Engineering Design & Drafting at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1997.

Garet’s determination pushed him to enter the workforce immediately, eager to develop his skills and make a difference in the world around him. He started in electrical engineering with Beaubien Glover and joined a very close knit team at Wasnea Mah Engineering in 2000. Garet’s diligence, passion and precision to design mixed with David’s diverse, precise technical abilities eventually led them both to establish Teradi Consulting Limited in 2007.

Get to know Garet - Q & A

  • 1.What do you love most about Alberta

    Alberta is my home – I've known no other. I've seen it grow over the last 40 years. I know where it has been, and I love that I'm an integral part of where it is going.

  • 2.What are your Hobbies

    I have so many enjoyments in my life that it's hard to pick a few. I collect pinball machines, I'm an avid cyclist and still have a deep love of aviation. I'm currently building a Van's RV7 aircraft in my spare time.

  • 3.What music is in your playlist right now

    Depeche Mode, James Taylor, David Guetta, Led Zeppelin, to name a few – a different song for every mood.

  • 4.Who are you at home

    I'm a husband, and a father of two, pilot, aviation school instructor, gardener, handyman, and chef to name a few.

  • 5.What inspires you

    The fact that I can change my world just by doing something about it. The difference between people who do, and who do not, is just that!

  • 6.Who is your Role Model

    Jens Voigt! He's absolutely hilarious. He's not only dedicated to his sport and his family, but he's able to find humor in life's challenges.

  • 7.What's your greatest physical achievement

    I've cycled from Jasper to Banff in one day. It was a 300km trip on a bicycle through two mountain passes. Not for the faint of heart.